The joint program of financing agricultural machinery Delta 2015 and the leasing company ESKA Capital

The leasing company finances self-propelled agricultural equipment (tractors, combines, sprayers). In addition to self-propelled machinery, other agricultural equipment can also be financed.

The company finances: individuals, individuals – entrepreneurs, legal entities.

Basic conditions

Prepaid expense

Cost of objects
from 200 thousand UAH

The age of technology
up to 18 years old

Without binding to foreign currency

Percentage appreciation
from 13% to 17%

Payment schedule
seasonal, classic, annuity

Stages of the transaction

1) On the declared unit of agricultural machinery, the manager of ESKA Capital’s company provides a calculation in the form of a schedule of repayment of lease payments (commercial offer).

2) You provide a completed application for leasing and a package of documents.

3) ESKA Capital conducts a credit assessment in up to 3 days.

4) A lease agreement is concluded.

5) We prepare all the necessary documents for the acquisition, registration and insurance of the leased object.

6) After crediting your advance payment, we make 100% payment of the cost of the leased asset to the supplier and transfer it to you under a lease agreement.

Comparison of leasing and loan

Leasing from ESKA CAPITAL

Terms of consideration of the application

About 14 working days

1-3 days

List of documents

15-20 documents


Number of payments at checkout

Advance payment, bank commission for issuing a loan, insurance, tax on notarization of collateral, notary services, registration fee, license plate payments, passport, etc.

Advance payment

Comparison of leasing and loan

Leasing from ESKA CAPITAL
  • Loan agreement
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Insurance contract
  • Registration and registration of equipment
  • Pledge agreement

Financial lease agreement

The calculation includes all expenses for the registration of equipment, full insurance for the entire lease term and the payment of all necessary taxes and fees.
Leasing allows you to get the necessary agricultural equipment without additional financial costs and save a lot of time.