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DELTA2015 company

By engaging in the supply of new and used agricultural machinery for entrepreneurs and farms engaged in agrarian sector, Delta 2015 is successfully developing, supporting the image of a trusted business partner. Delta is a guarantee and your success: by ordering agricultural machinery from us, agricultural companies receive comprehensive provision of spare parts.

Agricultural machinery on order from Europe and America – is a guarantee of profitable investment. By purchasing for our farm crawler and wheeled tractors, our customers can rely on the supply of branded spare parts to them.

Advantages of working with us:


Ability to order agricultural machinery in any volume


Timely delivery of spare parts


Efficiency and Responsibility when handling orders


Used Agricultural Machinery is in excellent condition in a wide assortment

How to buy a new and used agricultural machinery in Ukraine?

Young and small agricultural companies, the new agricultural machinery can be a financially unsustainable option. In this case, the Delta company offers to buy used John Deere combine harvesters, used for tractors used in used seed drills, which operate on second-hand loaders.

With Delta2015 you can not worry about the reliability of used agricultural machinery from Europe: it will serve for many years, due to its excellent durability. Many agricultural companies start a business with purchased in the Delta: used tractors, used combine harvesters, used seeders, used forklifts. This allows them to significantly reduce costs and start production of agricultural products on a par with the strong competitors.

Tractors John Deere is original
agricultural machinery from Europe and America

Tractor John Dir enjoys a well-deserved authority not in vain: just like a tractor case, it has a long service life and increased reliability. Launching on the John Deere combine harvester, the farmer can count on timely harvesting without a simple technique.
John Deere Tractor is one of the leaders in the sales, confidently holds the position on the market of agricultural machinery to order from Europe. In this case, not only new units, including a crawler tractor, but also John Dir bu are appreciated.

At your request we can offer to buy a seed drill or a wheeled tractor. Send us an application or call the company manager. He will answer in detail your questions about how to buy a tractor and order the necessary spare parts for them.

We provide service and services for ordering spare parts

Reliable service and quality spare parts for any agricultural machinery in Ukraine